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HVAC System Maintenance


Enviroduct also Specializes in HVAC Maintenence

coil-cleaningAlong with many other services call Enviroduct today to find out what we can do to service your HVAC system, cleaning coils, replacing the lining or even ridding the system of mold. at our highly competitive prices

Why Choose Us

  • We specialize in Ducts/Mold/chimneys/dryers/and humidification
  • Enviroduct has been serving Long Island for years with astonishing Feedback
  • We offer free Estimates which are always extremely competitive
  • Enviroduct always leaves the job site clean and orderly with no additional cleaning necessary.
  • Enviroduct has been trusted by thousands of Long Islanders to help rebuild after storms like Sandy when mold overwhelmed tons of families

What Clients Say

Enviroduct is Fantastic – nothing but great things to say, if you have any problems with ducts or water build up, you must call  – Reasonably priced and very reliable. Thanks!
Sherrie, NSEC
I would like to extend a special thank you to Ron and the Crew At Enviroduct. Is has been a great experience. I love going to the office again. The air smells clean and fresh. The Enviroduct showed up on time did their job and left with no mess to clean up!
Richard Whalen, Neuro Media
Thank You for the speedy reply to our needs, All our mold and grime has been successfully removed, and we can now move on from Hurricane Sandy!
FWN, Imperial Granite
We are a very Large copany with thousands of stores Nationwide. Enviroduct Did a fantastic Job of cleanint our ducts insuring all of our customers have a safe healthy shopping experience. Not to mention all the work was done in a time that we did no have to shut down the sore for maintenance. THANKS again RON!!!!
Jacob, Old Navy
Wow, companies like Enviroduct should really be recognized for being one of Long Islands best Companies. They are Fast, Reliable, Safe, and well Priced. What else can you ask for.
Matt, Impact Images

Hello and welcome to Enviro-duct! Please take some time to browse around our website and read some of our articles, view some pictures, and learn as much as you can about air quality and chimney maintenance/repair. Remember the air you breathe might not be as clean as you think… (Ron, President)

The New York Residential and Commercial Better Air Specialists…Enviro-duct Cleaning only employs specialists that take pride in making your air quality exceptional. Enviro-duct Professionals are certified, qualified and trained professionals who use proprietary techniques to clean, recondition and restore heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Through superior air duct cleaning and HVAC restoration, we improve your air quality bringing your HVAC system back to superior efficiency.
New York’s Chimney SpecialistsOur Team of skilled professionals have been servicing chimneys across New York and Long Island for years.Our specialty equipment will leave your chimney functional and spotless!
Our turnaround times are Incredible!turnaround_headerWe get our job done with the Best Equipment possible. Our Trucks and Specialty Tools are among the best in the business! Ask around. Enviro-duct is your leading choice for improving IAQ. No job is too big or too small.
Chimney Cleaning Season! Have You had YOUR CHIMNEY CLEANED YET?… DID YOU KNOW Enviroduct is Long Island’s Number one Chimney Cleaning Company offering the BEST Pricing and Immediate Service Find Out More
    New Services for 2014! – The No Water System

Basement Water problems have impacted the lives of homeowners for centuries and while many waterproofing solutions have been presented over the years, problems still exist. Introducing the modern answer to every basement water issue; “The No Water System” the first and only nonintrusive way to keep your basement fully dry. For more information call (631) 283-0758

FAQ of the MonthWhy is it important to get my fireplace and furnace flue cleaned on a regular basis? In regards to your fireplace, if it is not cleaned regularly, creosote builds up on the fireplace flues inner walls and is very flammable, and will cause a chimney fire if not removed. If a chimney fire occurs you can crack flue tiles or cause the home to catch fire. If a flue tile cracks it will be necessary to have a liner installed. This situation is not only dangerous to you and your family, but it will also be very expensive to repair the damages from a chimney fire.In regards to your gas furnace flue, the un-burned bi-products of the gas leave a corrosive substance on the inner wall of the flue. If these un-burned bi-products of the gas are not removed they will begin to deteriorate the masonry and or metal flue. If the metal or masonry flue develops a hole this can lead to carbon monoxide leaking into the home. Carbon monoxide is odorless and tasteless, and is often called the “silent killer” due to the fact that you are unaware of it’s presence in your home. It is especially deadly in the winter months, because all of the windows are closed, so the carbon monoxide has no place to escape.  Click here to read more about how Enviroduct can help you!

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